A Year of Paris #4

Canon 5D, 135mm f/2L @ 1/800, f/3.5 ISO 160

Paris: “Oh boy. My life is indeed average!”

And that’s pretty much how the last two days have been. We can’t go out in the yard without needing a search-and-rescue party, never mind go out exploring the neighborhood. So, to recap, Paris has spent this week cooped inside, being dragged to the vet and left there, babysitting Millie, and now with the weather, knowing the likelihood of finding a tennis ball in the yard is zero.

I keep telling myself other people walk their dogs in the weather, just bundle up and get on with it. Man up! But the thought of sinking into the snow, doubled into the wind and falling over while gasping for air that doesn’t hurt to breathe, leads me to the same conclusion. NO WAY!

Tomorrow is another day.