A Year of Paris #3

Canon 5D, Tamron 28-75mm @ 63mm, f3.5, 1/200

Enrichment through exploring the environment was not on the cards for Paris today, either. I didn’t fancy walking outside in the storm, and I reassure myself that the dog wouldn’t either. He doesn’t enjoy the snow as much as he did when he as a young lad.

Next best thing was some good old-fashioned wrasslin’ between the dogs, which is easily encouraged by squeaking a toy and giving it to Paris, sending Millie into a tizzy that he has something she does not. So, for 15 minutes or so, fur was flying, until Paris lost interest. Millie is not a fun play companion with her obsessive, dogged (ha, ha) behavior.

I did venture out myself, determined to support Starbucks. Five minutes on the road, I deeply regretted my decision. The roads were a disaster. And the driver of the pickup truck who overtook me on the unplowed, slippery Boundary Road between 26th and Walmart? You, sir, are a bleepin’ eejit.