Take me to the lake. Stupid human!

It is 88 F. here and I’m a sweaty and sticky mess. Yesterday was over 90 F. and after wearing fleece and sweaters last week, the leap into wanting to wear nothing at all causes exhaustion. And ill will.

I am crabby and out of sorts. The dog is pining by the Jeep hoping I’ll get a clue that he’s wearing non velcro black fur and needs to go to the lake to cool down. It damn near killed me to get up and find my camera, so coping with 85 lbs of quivering labrador who can smell the water from a mile away is not going to happen anytime soon. Suck it, dog.

Poor baby. He deserves more.

I have nothing remotely interesting to write in a blog. I suck but I think you probably suck, too. So there.

But these people wrote funny things that made me laugh:

• The Undercover Backstage Blogger
• Too Fabulous (because she is)

What else? Nothing. Make it work!