Stormy Weather


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First of all, Abelle’s “look” never fails to make me smile … I think it comes from preferring to watch Top Model rather than Dora as a wee tot. When it comes to posing and expression — she pulls it off effortlessly.

This was nothing like the shot I had in my head, but the storm clouds rolled in and I had about five minutes and I was determined to take a picture of something. I’d already hauled a ton of gear home from the studio.

So, here she is standing on a small foot stool to give her length, with a gridded softbox camera right.
She is wearing a $2 tank top from Walmart and holding a $6 umbrella from Family Dollar. The skirt is slightly more expensive, I got it from Shabby Apple in New York. I could shop for props and conceptualize shoots until the cows came home, I just love it.

After this, I thought OMG, why I haven’t been outside shooting more as I LOVE doing themed shoots outdoors. They take a bit of planning and effort due to hauling gear around but it’s always worth it. Then I remembered, oh, because just a couple of weeks ago, we were knee deep in snow. That’s why I haven’t been doing themed shoots outdoors.

More to come this summer.

Stormy Weather II