Paris & Perfect Bags

Paris and His Duck

Paris was happy to get out and run around in the SNOW, we’d missed having it on the ground for those couple of days. Blah!

The Perfect Bag

I have been looking at camera bags for the last few weeks. In four years, I’ve never found the Right Bag. I’ve spent $$$ on fancy camera bags that I ended up selling, too big, too small, annoying, not right. I have a Canon backpack but it bugs me, plus it’s actually too easy too forget it’s not zipped, potentially dropping my camera out of it. It has too many pockets, into which I put things and never remember where I put them. I like messenger bags but often find the camera-specific type are too big and scream GEEK in ugly canvas. I need enough space to carry my 5D, my iPad and three lenses (135mm f/2L, 28-75mm f/2.8 and the nifty 50mm), plus keys, wallet, phone, etc. I don’t the bag to look huge on my body; or weigh 50 lbs. Or cost more than $50. When it comes to camera bags, I pretty much want the impossible.

I was at Target the other night and immediately noticed this green messenger bag hanging on the end-aisle display and thought to myself, “Hmmn, that could work!” And then I put it back because I thought, No way. No way could my stuff fit in this bag.

Then I went back the next morning. And again thought, nice, but no way would everything fit. But I decided to buy it to at least try it out.

And surprise. EVERYTHING FIT. I even took the padding out of the backpack and lined the bottom and made the little pockets for my lenses and it all works.

$34.99! Thank you, Tar-jay.