Jar of Hearts

Ma Bee

This one time, not so long ago, Bee and I drove to Duluth and back for an audition at UM-D. As I was concerned about suffering from la derriere de numbness on our long trip, I had told her she might be able to drive some of the way back. But as my sitting parts were doing OK and the weather was not conducive to teen driving, I retracted this offer while she was listening to Jar of Hearts on the radio.

Immediately, she began singing and gesticulating: ‘Who do you think you are … YOU WON’T LET ME DRIVE THE CAR. You’re gonna catch a cold. From the ice iNSIDE YOUR SOUL”

I was more concerned about the ice out on the road but my explanations went unheard with her relentless bellowing.

It was a blast.