Hot Chocolate – Day 26

Hot Chocolate

Baby Belle announced this afternoon that her plans for auditioning for the talent show at school had been thwarted as her flute sounds, well, not good. Airy, she said, keys sticking.

“Well, why don’t you sing a song?”

“I’m not singing in front of people!”

“You sang in that talent show before …”

MOM. I was in the first grade.”

And now she’s in fifth, singing in front of the people is a nerve-wracking thought and best avoided. Because: People. Might. Laugh.

“Why don’t you sing a song now and see. What songs do you like?”

“I’m not singing Hannah Montana songs, no-one likes her anymore …

“Although, I like Taylor Swift, but I don’t have the song I like.”

So we downloaded Love Story and I said, “I won’t look at you and you pretend you’re trying out for the show.”

And she started to sing.

And oh my god, she knew the whole thing and was pitch perfect.

Baby Belle, I hope you stand up tomorrow and sing your wee heart out.

Proud Mama.