Down At The Lake

A quick drive round the lake this afternoon with a cappuccino, between going to the bank, paying bills and getting caught up with the myriad of tasks forgotten over the last week. Also, actually going to my office downtown for a while, which surprised me by being a peaceful, pleasant place to be. Surprised, in I am suffering performance anxiety and/or guilt about neglecting La Studio for the last few weeks and having to cancel a couple of shoots due to Circumstances Beyond My Control. And still, the few tasks outstanding I must take care of. And … OK, enough.

It was a beautiful February afternoon today and I noticed at 6 pm, it was still LIGHT! This makes me happy, inordinately happy. After 13 Minnesota winters, the short days really do my head in. Seasonal Affective, much?

What else. Oh, Girl Scout cookies, we have Girl Scout cookies. Roll up, roll up, get yer Thin Mints while they’re crisp.