After a week that began with all kinds of crazy and pretty much spiraled downhill from there (sing it, Patsy); at this moment in time, I’m not even sure where my camera is. With all the rain, I certainly hope I didn’t leave it outside somewhere. So no photographs to post.

I did take refuge in the Real Housewives of New York Reunion show this week, and this parody on YouTube. Unfortunately a little too x-rated for me to post it on my blog, due to language and content. But SO funny.

Andy: Kelly, there’s nothing I want to do more than not continue to talk to you, but why are you wearing glasses?

Kelly: Andy, these are my picture-taking glasses. I’m going to take pic-tures of everyone later. I brought some blow-pops …

And then there was Richard Lawson’s recap of the latest episde of the New Jersey mob Housewives:

On last night’s episode, Danielle spiraled further into madness while the other wives peered down the well after her. Well, Jacqueline’s daughter jumped down in there to chase her, which is never a good idea.

Poor Jacqueline. She was wearing her little sailor costume and learning a dance to show her husband when he got home from work and making sugar pies in her playtime oven and everything was going nicely …