Beautiful Bethany: Class of 2011

One of the downsides of offering the proof slideshow is I’m not there when the client sees the images with their family, so I miss out on the reactions. It’s one of the BEST parts of the whole process, so I may have to start insisting presentations are in person only.

So, when I put Bethany’s slideshow live today, I made Bee come downstairs to watch it. She’s been friends with Bethany for a few years and they have the OHS cross-country bond. I watched her watch the slideshow and when she laughed … and then got teared up … I felt, ahhhhh, awwwwwww. Yes!

Anyway, Bethany’s shoot was SO much fun. She allowed me to indulge my crazy ideas, which sometimes work and sometimes do not but they make for a fun session. So we ended up with some zany shots as well as some of her, just as she is — gorgeous.

Thank you, Bethany! The slideshow is here. The rest of the images should go up within the next couple of days.