A Year of Paris #1

Canon 5D, 50mm f1.8 II @ f/2.8, 1/1600

Paris has made a good recovery this week from his anesthesia for teeth cleaning, nail clipping and to have a large wart lasered from his leg.

I’m trying to keep him in good shape as he enters senior doghood, and I’m feeling a little guilty as he needs more variety in his life after the long and boring winter. He’s possibly a little depressed! So, w’re embarking (ha ha) on a project together. Every day, a photo! Sometimes he’ll be the subject, sometimes it’ll be something interesting we saw while out and about. Sometime’s I’ll take an easy shot to fulfill my self-imposed project. Or I might have to have someone else take a photo of him as he might be off in the Dakotas hunting.

But I think we’ll have a fun time doing it.